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Everybody who create Android application knows RecyclerView.Adapter. But when it comes to creating a list with different elements and multiple columns, not everyone solves this problem through the same adapter.

In this article I show how create such list and how we can use sealed classes for solve this problem. So turn on good music and tune on code writing! I think it will be interesting. The final result 👇

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In this article I show how create smooth animation for RecyclerView item in drag/swipe mode. It’s very simple thing that you can do to improve your application beauty.

If you don’t know how create drag/swipe functional for RecyclerView and first time hear “ItemTouchHelper.Callback”, please check this great tutorial.

Drag & drop animation

Header of article

Recently I work with data loading in app and wanted to make an animation for a boring ellipsis. Namely for summary in preference screen and for loading dialog.

First thing was summary and I decide using a ValueAnimator for this. Create simple control class for this animation:

Don’t forget to update summary of preference item:

And it’s the result:

Alexey Kuznetsov

Android developer. Creator of Scriptum application for manage notes.

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